The least PC label around…

Since I have yet to get my act together as far as food/recipe/restaurant reviews I’ll just put this out there for anyone to see.

Nancy and I often buy products from T&T market that look interesting or are the store bought version of something we enjoy and want to see if it’s as good as we’ve had at a restaurant. this package of roti was just such an experiment.

This is the package

It’s quite good and would be nice with Tiki Masala or butter chicken rather than the Nan offerings from the bakery dept. in most stores which are not very good. You get frozen slabs of dough that are indavidually wrapped and easy to use. You just place in a hot frying pan and cook until brown on both sides, Easy huh?  The thing about this product that raised our eyebrows was the “Serving Suggestions” on the back of the package. See for yourself.

Not very PC is it?

Not very PC is it?

I can’t say this offends me, it’s just very interesting. I will say that the product is made in Singapore which is a unique place. It’s a “city state” which is to say that the whole country consists of the city of Singapore. Being that they have a diverse group of cultures and most of the locals speak 3 languages I’m guessing the manufacturer was simply covering all the bases.


One response to “The least PC label around…

  1. This is hilarious! I think we should complain and see what kind of money / compensation we can get!

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