Cork Fine wine, Liquor and Ale Review

I realize it seems odd for me to review a liquor store but bear with on this one it’s worth it.

After Nancy and I had our dinner at Kim Lan, we noticed Cork fine wine, liquor and ale, and for some reason decided to take a look. We were in for a treat when we opened the door.


Cork is located in Beacon Hill shopping centre on Sarcee Trail NW. This new boutique style store has a great deal to offer those looking for unique wine, liquor and beer labels. Chris and Joe, the proprietors of Cork have created this 3,100 square foot Mecca for the lover of fine wine with an obvious passion.

The selection of wine rivals that of any I’ve seen in the city and the choices of great micro brews in the cooler are a delight. Those whose tastes run more to spirits will find an excellent selection of some of the finest Scotch, Rum, Vodka, Rye and cognac available today.

When we first walked into the store the staff greeted us warmly and offered a sample of the their current picks from a neat looking dispenser that keeps the different wines at just the right temperature and they explained to us what it was we were tasting. We were offered a taste of Scotch as well and informed of the tastings offered for small groups in the store several times per month. For the fee of $60 wines from various regions and a variety of Scotch, beer and even Tequila can be sampled at these events. Lectures by local brewers and wine makers are also on offer for those looking to learn more about their drink of choice.

Chris and Joe also have sommeliers on staff who will be able to give advice on food pairings and answer any wine related questions customers may have. Chris took me into the cellar and showed me some of the many vintage champagnes he has in stock and took the time to explain about the differences. I fully intend to spend more time there and I suspect the 21 year old Nicaraguan rum of which they are only ever going to sell 5 bottles may find it’s way into my home soon. (Don’t tell Nancy, she thinks $100 is too much for rum).

In addition to the wine, beer, spirits, tastings, seminars, and great service you’ll find some unexpected (yes even more so than the rest) items for sale at Cork. If, for example you wish to serve that vintage Cabernet Sauvignon you’ve been saving for a special occasion in something a little nicer than the generic “wine¬† glass”, how about pouring it into an actual Cabernet glass made of fine crystal? You will find Cork carries stemware for individual varieties of wine offering collections as well known as Robert Mondavi by Waterford. Now if only they sold fine cheese as well, we’d have the true “one stop shop” for your next tasting party.

I’m quite pleased by my first experience visiting Cork and look forward to being a client of theirs. I would encourage anyone who enjoys quality to support Cork and keep this gem going for all to enjoy.


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