Tonight’s Meal … halibut, salad and muffin

Tonight’s interesting dinner.  We tried a couple of recipes and added in a fresh garden salad.

1.  Halibut Divine (dumb name, yummy results) – First marinated for 45 minutes in a zesty mix then baked with a top layer of sour cream and a sprinkle of French’s French Fried Onions.  I loved the crunchy topping and the zesty taste to the fish!   I didn’t like all the ‘juices’ / liquids on the bottom though since it clearly reminded you that there was olive oil and butter. Click here for recipe.


2.  Fresh salad … topped with masago, soft boiled brown eggs, and yellow peppers.


3.  Amish Friendship chocolate muffins … looked delicious but a little dry sadly.   Maybe it needs either a little more applesauce or oil to moisten it up. Although, in comparison, I like the basic Amish bread better.   I matched the muffin with half a glass of 2% milk.  Yowee, I haven’t had a straight cup of  milk in over 8 months so the 2% was extremely fatty tasting to me.  (Yes, that’s not a review of the muffin, but I just had to comment at how my taste buds noticed the fat content in the milk.  Interesting.)  Click here for recipe.



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