Belmont Diner Review

This year for Mother’s day Nancy and I were planning on going to the Grey Eagle Casino with my Mother and step Dad to try the buffet. We had planned on meeting at around 9am and hoped the line was not too long. When we arrived we discovered they were closed and would not open for more than half an hour (very odd, and the high number of people arriving shows that this is a poor management decision). We headed for Marda Loop instead and are glad we did.

The group of us decided to try the Belmont Diner. Located across the street from one of our favorite sushi places, Globefish at 2008 33ave SW.  None of us had been before and liked the look of the small cozy diner. There were a few people ahead of us and the line was not too long, we were seated within 10 minutes. The staff was friendly and pleasant to deal with, joking with us as we were seated.


This quaint restaurant is quite small and has the look of a classic diner. The whole place looked very clean despite it being quite busy (shortly after taking our seats the line had grown to be fairly long) and the staff seemed to be well organized.

The menu is not large and has the usual breakfast and lunch items both served all day long. My mother and I had the Eggs Benedict (of which there are several interesting versions), Nancy had the omelet and asked for everything on it since they said all fillings could be ordered, my Step Dad had the poached egg breakfast, my Mother’s friends Larry and Una ordered the basic breakfast and breakfast sandwich respectively.

The food came out quickly and looked fantastic. Nancy sampled the hollandaise sauce from my benny and liked it so much that she ordered a small side bowl to have with her amazing looking omelet. Nothing about this breakfast was less than excellent. All of us were very satisfied with the portions and the food disappeared quickly from all plates. If you enjoy eggs Benedict I highly recommend the Belmont. all of the others made similar statements regarding their orders.

The service was exceptional and the staff was efficient and pleasant to deal with. We were enjoying catching up and even spent what I’d say was too much time at the table but the staff showed no sign at all that they wanted us to leave.

All in all this was one of the most pleasant dining experiences I’ve had and if you are looking to enjoy a relaxed and excellently made breakfast I would very much recommend trying the Belmont Diner.

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