Hello, my name is John and I’m a….

Okay, let me just clear the air on something right now. I’ve found that this blog has become an excellent means of directing my love of food down a path that does not add to my state of being shall we say, Rotund and is just plain fun. Now, while it may be equally unhealthy to become a blogging addict, I’m currently willing to accept the trade off. Besides you have to admit that researching and publishing a recipe while not as tasty is certainly more healthy than cooking & eating it.

You may ask how eating out for no other reason then to review the food can be a good thing. Well, while we do go out to a restaurant about 3 to 4 times in a given month, it now has a purpose other than simply to indulge our Foodie tendencies and you will all benefit from it. As a direct result of wanting to keep you abreast of the best places to eat and in keeping with our altruistic proclivities we will continue to bravely eat in untested establishments and try foods the nature and preparation of which may be questionable, so that you can be forearmed before you and those you love head out on any given evening to dine.

If you enjoy food as much as I do you’ll understand how hard it is not to just keep cooking all those terrible, fattening, calorie riddled, yet oh so yummy dishes. You should also be able to get how channeling my food obsessed energy here would have the dual advantages both of assisting me in maintaining my program of shedding some excess tonnage and benefiting the rest of mankind through the dispensing of my hard earned (eating good food…oh, the pain) wealth of knowledge on the subject of gastronomic bliss. 🙂


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