Bon Ton Meat Market Review

“A Calgary institution since 1921” according to the business card of proprietor Greg Keller, Bon Ton is located in the Stadium Shopping centre at 1907 Uxbridge Dr NW just across the Trans Canada highway from the Foothills Medical centre.


Now owned and operated by the Keller family who bought out the other partner in the late 90’s Bon Ton has grown steadily from it’s beginnings in the 1920’s as a small store on Centre St. The Current location is 3000 square feet and while even this seems to be not enough the Kellers have no plans to franchise out.

When you enter the store you’re likely to receive a warm greeting from a member of the Keller family (and yes that is a bow tie). I’ve never been to Bon Ton and not seen it busy, but despite this you’ll be tended to by the staff.

On our last visit Nancy and I stopped in for one of their famous meat pies and some potato salad. The pies are large and have that flaky brown crust you only wish you could make yourself. The fillings are varied and we chose the beef. I recommend trying one of each and then going back for your favorite so you will have many on hand. 🙂 I’m told you can now buy these pies at your local Co-op.

The salad is very tasty with a creamy dressing and can only be properly described as decadent. There are several more options available at the deli counter as well and if you want to build a great lunch for tomorrow they’ve got you covered.

If  you want a quality cut of beef or those big juicy sausages for your next BBQ then this is the place for you. Bon Ton sells Canada AAA grade dry aged beef that is just what the best steak houses serve up and you can take it home to make your own way. They have nearly anything you would want from Lamb to chicken and If you’re looking for something a little different they will likely be selling what you are after. With offerings such as Bison, Elk, Boar, Rabbit, free range poultry and even that favorite of the American deep south Turducken you should find the meat you need.  All of these come wrapped in tough Kraft paper and tied up with twine, just like butcher shops should do.

Bon Ton carries a selection of sauces and spices as well that will compliment the meat you just bought and the staff can offer suggestions if your stuck on what to buy for that special occasion feast.

All in all I enjoy shopping at Bon Ton. While they may not be the easiest place to reach from some parts of the city and the prices are more than you’d pay at your local supermarket I think it’s worth the drive and as for the expense I’d say that when it comes to quality meats you pay what you need to get the good stuff.

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2 responses to “Bon Ton Meat Market Review

  1. Mom used to take me to this shop on 7th ave
    way back when, I picked up a rib eye today and it was
    an excellent piece of meat. Hands down they are
    still the best!!!

  2. I am so excited now!!!! They moved to Crowfoot Shopping Centre now. Easy acess by train. Its where Swiss Chalet used to be.

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