Better Technology

We are looking to purchase a new digital camera as the one we now have seems to have finally given in. You’ll find that recent posts will likely have pictures that are not great. This is both due to the problems of shooting in a busy restaurant in less than ideal lighting and the camera issues. Our current camera has been having issues for some time and it’s images are getting worse. We’ve started using our phones to capture images of the food we order and this has not seen the best results.

As much as we’d love to use Nancy’s DSLR to take pictures for our reviews it seems like overkill for us to lug it around all the time. We are currently deciding what the best little point and shoot is for our needs and the quality of our post pictures will markedly improve once we get it.

If you have a suggestion as to what camera to buy let us know.


6 responses to “Better Technology

  1. jamesatwhatithoughtofit

    For our review site we use a Canon PowerShot SD1000 and I am very happy with it. Even using flash while taking pictures of food in restaurants does not give to much problems.

    It is most time a one shot thing I rarely have to re shoot a picture used for our site.

    • Thanks for the info James. The SD1000 is on our short list along with the SD990is. Can’t wait to start sending good pics to the site and to Urbanspoon.

  2. I use and love the Panasonic Lumix, which I think has features that Canon’s don’t. At least for the price. Like the wide-angle Leica lens, etc. What finally swayed me though is going to a camera store and holding both cameras. PL feels heavy, solid and sturdy. Love it.

    I just found your site via the comment on foodosophy, and wanted to say hi! I too live and eat in Calgary and really like your site so far. Now I want to go to Thai Boat!

    • Thanks for dropping by Tatiana. Hope you visit again.

      I’ll wager you’d like Thai Boat. When you go let me know what you thought.

      I like the Lumix line and will take a look at them. A good lens is a selling point for me. My last camera, which was stolen from the glove box of my convertible last year had a great Zeiss lens.

      The cat looks out of sorts… where did he eat last night? πŸ™‚

  3. I’ll defintely come again. I live to eat, so all things food related are music to my ears. To mix metaphors.

    The cat… is unique. That’s his proud face. To see his unintentionally funny moments visit the cats section on my blog. Guaranteed smile or your money back. πŸ™‚

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