Cedars Deli Review

After picking our car up from being repaired (ask us about this, go ahead) and since Nancy had a photo shoot nearby we started looking for a place to have a late lunch. Being in the vicinity of Cedars Deli we decided to head there for a shawarma fix. We visited the main store at 3103 Edmonton trail NE.

This is a small store and is more suited for what I’m guessing is their main business (namely take away) than for dining in but they do have a few tables inside and a nice patio outside.

I ordered a donair meat shawarma with all the fixings ($5.50). The selection of extras you can add to your wrap is very good and although some of the things may seem odd to those who have only ever had a Canadian donair style shawarma they are all worth trying. Nancy opted for a shawarma plate ($7.95) which has the meat of her choice (in this case chicken) and the toppings with a pita as well as rice and tabouli (parsley salad). we also have a small piece of baklava to nibble after our meal.

They put plenty of meat in my wrap and my only issue is that they took it from a container in the topping area and microwaved it instead of cutting it from the rotisserie so it was certainly not fresh. The toppings were plentiful however and they seemed quite fresh. When all was done I’m sure this beast I ordered weighed in at close to 2 pounds. The meat for Nancy’s platter was also pre-cut and heated (this really is not the way to do shawarma). The rotisseries were either empty or the meat was covered with foil and the heat off so I’m guessing the meat was cut either in the morning or (I hope not) the night before. We grabbed our food¬† headed out to the patio to eat in the sunshine.

The small patio area is nice with a few tables surrounded both by chairs or benches along the enclosing privacy walls. This was pleasant and we were able to eat without passers by being able to check out our meal at close range. My wrap was very good despite the source of the meat and I loved all the flavors and textures mixing together. Nancy enjoyed her platter just as much and we especially liked to tabouli which was fresh and tasty. The baklava was sweet and crunchy with just the right amount of stickiness to make it nesasary to manually clean our fingers (nuff said :)) It was hard to resist taking home something for later and while I was strong and left with no containers of Falafel or hommous Nancy took home all the makings of a chicken shawarma to be put together for her lunch the next day.

Cedars makes good food and while I wish they’d not pre-cut and re-heat the meat for their wraps it was not noticeable in the final product. It was also odd to us that they closed rather early at 7pm so if you are nearby and want shawarma or a donair you will need to head elsewhere. As for us,¬† we’ll likely go back if in the area and in need of another fix.
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3 responses to “Cedars Deli Review

  1. Hmmm sounds good, but closing at 7 makes it difficult for me to stop by. I guess they maybe have a big lunch crowd.

    • That’s our guess to. I do think this odd since Jimmy keeps A&A open late and Shawarma King on 17th ave SE is open until 3am. Maybe Cedars’ corporate thinking keeps them from being able to get that the food they serve is just what late night munchers want.

      • FalafelMuncher

        Hi James and RuneRider,
        Cedars is family owned and operated, and as a long time fan my best bet is that they simply don’t have the manpower to stay open that late. The brothers work 6 days a week (starting early for catering) and have young families. I think also that they are reluctant to leave someone else in charge after being there every open hour from the start.
        In the past 3 years I don’t think I’ve ever seen them microwave their meat.. Hopefully that’s an old habit already gone.

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