Edo Japan at Beacon Hill Review

In any new mall, there are generally a number of places to eat. The new Beacon Hill Centre at 11658 Sarcee Trail NW is no exception. After months of shoppers wondering why there were no restaurants in this plaza, now you can finally dine as well as shop.

One of the choices now available to those looking for a meal while shopping is the new Edo Japan restaurant. This stand alone version of the favorite found in many food courts offers a dine in experience and a much wider selection of food than the smaller stores.

I’ve been to many Edo Japan locations, and for a quick and good meal, they are generally a winner. This new store is just such a winner and offers, in addition to everyone’s favorite teriyaki and sukiyaki stir-fry dishes, a selection of fresh sushi, sashimi and even bento boxes.

I’ve visited this location several times now since they opened and have always been impressed with how friendly the owners/brothers, Rich and Vince, are to their customers and how clean and well run the store is. Our most recent visit was no exception. We were greeted warmly and enjoyed a little small talk with Rich while ordering our food. We picked up a bento box and an order of Teriyaki Chicken & Beef.

The bento came with Sukiyaki chicken, goyoza, and some rolls. As on other occasions, the food was fresh and tasted good. All the teriyaki needed was a shot of hot sauce and it was just right. As quick eats on the go, this sure does beat a burger and fries.

Now that there’s good food available it’s easy to shop longer, and a full stomach makes the hours wait at the checkout in Costco a little easier to deal with. Say hi to Rich and Vince when you visit.

Edo Japan on Urbanspoon


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