New Camera in the House.

After the overload of trying to decide on a new point and shoot digital camera and way too much time spent looking at features we finally decided on what we wanted.

And the winner is…

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS15

9087This little guy has loads of features and importantly for us a macro mode that can shoot very close-up. Unfortunately for us today it has some noise issues at ISO extremes and our pictures at El’s Japanese Fusion are taken in poor light due to the lovely rain/snow we have on this lovely June day so we were shooting at 1600.

None the less we hope to begin getting mouth wateringly good pics for our reviews from now on. Thanks to all those who made suggestions to try and help us make up our minds.


4 responses to “New Camera in the House.

  1. Congratulations on the new Camera.

    One thing you can try to prevent the high iso is use you zoom and flash. Take a little bit of distance and zoom the full length of the real zoom (not the digital one) and then flash for me on my Canon that gives perfect results.

    Macro is nice but i rarely use that for a review 🙂 and all those features i believe that most camera’s have the same kinda features with a different name.

    • Thanks James, good advice. We’ll give that a try when shooting in poor light. We like the macro for giving us the ability to do high detail close-ups in good light. We’ll see if it’s any good when we head to the Bahamas and the Florida Keys for the month of July. Hope to review some of South Florida’s eats along the way.

  2. I have a DMC-FS20, 10 mega pixel, and although it’s nice, I don’t like how the monitor (or LCD) takes a long time to get back on between shots. It goes black screen between shots. Does yours do that? What do you think is the problem? And how are you liking your new camera so far?

    • I like the camera.The write delay isn’t too bad but I would like it to have been better. Yes, our screen goes black as well it’s normal as far as I know when cameras are processing the image.

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