Globefish Sushi and Izakaya Review

Recently, while celebrating a friends birthday we had the opportunity to visit one of our favorite Japanese style restaurants, Globefish Sushi and Izakaya. We visited the 14th St location this time round.

As is normally the case, the restaurant was fairly busy with the staff running around in well managed chaos. An interesting thing about this restaurant is the way the servers work. Unlike most other places where the servers are assigned a section and serve the customers in it,  Globefish servers all work the entire restaurant, attending to the needs of any customer as they arise. I think this is a great idea as you will get your food from whichever server notices it when it first come up and it will never sit.  It’s amazing they can keep this working smoothly, but they do manage to do it.

We were a party of 7 and decided to each order a different roll and just sample all of them. Most of us wanted to start with something before the rolls so we ordered the Mentai Calamari ($8.95), Tuna Tataki Salad ($8.95), Shark Fin & Jellyfish Salad ($5.95), Softshell Crab Tempura ($12.95) and some Toro Sashimi ($14.95).

I ordered a glass of cold premium Saki ($7.95) to sip during the first round. The one I chose was Gokujyo Yoshinogawa, an amazingly smooth and fragrant sake that is soft on the palate, well balanced with hints of citrus and a pleasant flowery fragrance.

The calamari was hot and tender, crisp outside without being oily like some can be. The squid was cut into sheets rather than the usual rings seen in many other places. It was very lightly battered and drizzled with a light cream sauce that is very nice. All is served on a bed of greens and sprinkled with ground chili pepper. We found this to be a rather nice change from the usually overcooked and thickly breaded versions we’ve seen so often.

The conclusion for the Tuna Tataki salad was that it was very good.  The fish was fresh, lightly seared and tasty. The greens were crisp and cold with a dressing that was light and complimented to the tuna.

Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad

The Sharkfin & jellyfish salad was made of thin slices of what I’m guessing is not real sharkfin (but none the less tasty)  with stands of  jellyfish tentacles in a light sesame based dressing. It had a great texture to it and is actually crunchy with a nice pop when chewing, despite what one may think given the two main ingredients. This is one of my favorite items and Globefish does a good job of making a very nice rendition. We’ve had some pretty bad Jellyfish salads in our time, and this fresh and tasty version is one of the best in town.

I really enjoy Softshell Crab, but like the Sharkfin & Jellyfish salad, it can be hard to find one that is up to par. Globefish does a fine job of making this dish. Although I’ve had it not as good in the past, the one we received this time was nicely presented and was hot and crisp without being heavy. The coating was nice and light, and the crab was just right inside.  For some reason, many restaurants I’ve been to tend to end up with mushy crab.  I’m not sure if this is related to the quality of the fish or to the methods of preparing the dish. Either way, it’s not the norm to have things come together the way they did this time round and I hope my next visit brings the same result.

Softshell Crab

Softshell Crab

The Toro Sashimi was amazing this time; it smelled fresh, looked fabulous and tasted even better. This fish virtually melted in the mouth, the way Toro should always be. The last time we had some as good was at Hikari which much to the disappointment of many a Calgary sushi lover was sold and is now the much lamented Sushi King. The sashimi was served over crushed ice in a nice clean presentation that added to the appearance of the fish.

Toro Sashimi

Toro Sashimi

We ordered several different rolls to share between us, and while I love sushi and Sashimi, the one thing that Globefish does really well are their many different maki rolls.  We ordered the Alberta Roll ($7.25), BC  Roll ($6.25), Crunch & Munch ($13.95), Power of Love ($14.95), Rocky Mountain Roll ($14.95), Texas roll(on the specials menu), Mango paradise ($15.95) and a Vancouver roll $8.25).

Unfortunately the pictures of the rolls did not turn out good enough to post in this review. We were between cameras and used the ones on our phones which are not up to par.

We enjoyed the rolls for the most part, however the one exception was the Texas roll which did not appeal to all of us. The Alberta roll was made of slices of beef  and lettuce in a tangy sauce , I’ve had this before and the beef was very tender that time. This time however the beef was not as tender but was still tasty.  We enjoy the Rocky Mountain roll and have ordered it a number of times, the addition of the cream cheese while unusual is something we like.  The general consensus is that the food was all good and nobody had anything to complain about. The next time we visit I hope to get some mouth watering pictures to add to the review.

Globefish is one of those places that is quite creative in coming up with new types of maki rolls and usually they are quite good. In addition to El’s this is a place to go if you are looking for the flavors you love done in new ways.

As much as I would have liked to have indulged in an order of Green Tea ice cream, I like the rest of our group was just too full.

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2 responses to “Globefish Sushi and Izakaya Review

  1. Yeah, that sharkfin issue puts a crimp in my fondness for Globefish. I’ve seen too many horror videos and exposes of the sharkfin industry to support that kind of cruelty.

    IF it’s fake, they should clearly state it’s faux sharkfin, and that would be both more humane and a fun thing to order, as well as the truth. If it’s not though, then I may reconsider my patronage of the establishment, simply on ethical grounds.

    Having said all that, I do love Globefish and they are an outstanding addition to the slim sushi scene in Calgary. Their rolls are always innovative and presentation a step above the norm. They need to resolve the sharkfin thing though – even some local paper mentioned it – can’t remember which one.

    • I’ve always thought that real Shark fin was banned in Canada, but it turns out that while it is in the States the Canadian government has not yet seen fit to do so. When I was first introduced to it I only began eating it because I believed that it was not the real thing.

      I’m sad to say that it seems I should have done my homework. I can only hope that much of what I’ve had is the fake stuff. T & T market keeps the “REAL” sharkfin in a locked freezer so I’m guessing maybe it’s too expensive for the deli salads and restaurants. I’m going to check into this a little more. Thanks Tatiana.

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