Lazy Loaf and Kettle Review

After an hour or so walking around the river with friends we decided to get a bite to eat. There aren’t too many places near Edworthy Park on the North side but not too far away is Lazy Loaf and Kettle.5646

I’d known about this popular lunch stop located at 8 Parkdale Cres NW for several years but had never been there. I’d pulled in a couple of times while driving around at lunch but the place was so busy I’d always gone elsewhere because of time constraints. I wish I’d been able to wait.

When you first enter this funky little place you’ll see that it caters to the coffee crowd with a selection of brews to choose from arranged on the counter that fills the center of the shop. Arranged on the walls are a number of works by local artists that are for sale adding to the trendy feel of the place. The menu is colourfully displayed on the wall behind the counter and a great looking selection of deserts are temptingly placed for view.

The lunch and light dinner selection is your basic soup and sandwich and can be ordered by marking a menu sheet with what type of meat, cheese, condiments and veggies you want as well as what soup or salad you wish to add. There are also several cafe type breakfast items available.456464

I chose a Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich with Caesar salad and Nancy a Salmon salad Sandwich with Spinach Salad. Our orders were ready only a few minutes after we returned to our seats and looked great with thick slices of in-store baked bread and a generous amount of meat with lots of fresh veggies. The salads were very good and were definitely not an after thought as they would be in many other places.P1000027P1000026

Our friends food looked just as good and the fruit smoothies they ordered looked delicious.


The food was fresh and tasted great. The service was friendly and prompt, and we enjoyed the laid back atmosphere.  Our only issue would be that none of the tables were cleared or clean when we arrived and we had to clean one for ourselves as did the other guests arriving after us.
This is a great place for a casual date or meet-up with friends and the food is worth the wait during a busy lunch.

Additional thoughts from Nancy …

Since it was my first time there, here are some things I learned …

I ordered the wild salmon sandwich but didn’t account for it being canned salmon.  For some odd reason, I was thinking it was smoked salmon.  D-oh.  Although my sandwich was stacked with abundant amount of fresh veggies, I wish I had ordered something not from a can.  As for salad, I wasn’t sure what to expect on my spinach salad.  It was so piled high with various items in a small bowl that I couldn’t mix it properly.  I know that’s not a bad thing to have such a great garden in front of me but I think a plate would have been better for ease of consumption.  Next time, I’m going to try the delicious looking desserts. There was a berry topped, chocolate coated cake-like dessert as well as a few other moist cakes that screamed out my name!   Ohh, the nanaimo bars and brownies were cut into large thick squares.  Yum.  Smack.  Smack.  I liked that it was quiet on a Sunday evening where our friends and I can chill and chat.  Although there were many tables, booths and chairs, I hear that it gets quite busy during the week.  I agree with my husband about having to clean our own table.  I wonder if they are staffed appropriately to handle the cleaning and clearing of tables during those busy times?   We’ll see.

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4 responses to “Lazy Loaf and Kettle Review

  1. Like these simple soup/sandwich joints, that are not cheap with the meats and use fresh veggies. The straightforwardness of the menu sheet tells me everything I need to know of this place. Nice little find.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’m always happy to spread the word about the small places that are really good. Next time you’re in town you should try El’s.

  2. After reading your review a few days before I went out to do errands, I was hungry and thought of Lazy Loaf and Kettle on the way home and decided to stop by. You are right. Yummy sandwiches by the way, very generous filling, and I ordered the Wildberry Blast smoothie. Soooooo good! The next day I purposely drove thru that same route just to get another smoothie, the Carribbean Colada. Now I know not to order take-out for smoothie. If you drink inside, the glass is 25-30% more than the take out cup, and it was a really hot day. I think I’ll pop by there again on Sunday. 😉

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