Jones Soda Candy … fizzy and sassy

Jones Soda drinks can be found in 7Elevens and other major convenience stores.  Stylishly packaged with a bold black and silver font and art print label, the colorful drinks pops out. The unique flavors are tempting.  Green Apple.  Orange Cola.  Blue Bubble Gum.   To check out more flavors, visit their funky Jones Soda website.  (I just found out that you can customize your own bottle of Jones Soda with your own photo.  For a fee, they’ll print them and ship them to your doorstep!  Neat idea for weddings, etc.)

The other day though, we discovered that Jonas Soda Co. makes carbonated candy!  Intrigued how a candy could be carbonated, we bought the Green Apple flavor ($2.50). (They also offer Berry Fufu and Berry Lemonade.)

Jones Green Apple carbonated candy

Pop a few tablets into your mouth and feel the sensational fizz and flavor burst.  I like to place my tongue right against the candy to get the whole sparkling zip.  We keep it in the car instead of mints or gum.  If you are feeling tired or stressed from all the traffic, we’ve been waking up with just a few of this carbonated candy.  It’s a little pricey for candy but the sassy adventure in your mouth make up for it.   Definitely, a must-try recommendation!


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