Wicked Chili.ca Review

Located in NW Calgary in Creekside shopping center, WickedChili.ca (both the name of the restaurant and their website)  has been open for a week and a half.  (They serve India Cuisine if you couldn’t figure it out by their name.)  They have a lunch buffet (price?) and dinner buffet ($12.95).  They also have a nice regular eat in and  take out menu with a minimum charge of $5 delivery fee.

Upon entering the doors, I was confused by what I saw.  WickedChili.ca shares the same restaurant space as the Green Papaya Vietnamese Restaurant.   Shared tables / eating area and servers.  Turns out that it was the owner of Green Papaya’s  idea to bring in this interesting mix of business ventures together.  I’m curious to see how this will fly over the long run with their loyal Vietnamese-foodies, who perhaps might be turned off by the strong aromas of Indian curries and spices.   After all, eating also involves the olfactory sense.   I wonder how my beef ball pho might taste as butter chicken fragrances waft around me?  Interesting.

At the back corner, there sits a buffet cart of delicious smelling Indian meals.  On the night I visited, they offered butter chicken, vegetable curry with zucchini, yellow lentils, tandoori chicken, vegetable pakoras, beef curry, basmati rice, naan, 2 salads, and poppadum.  Since I was doing take out, they handed me an extra large foam container for me to fill up myself.   I took enough of what I wanted and thought that it was well worth $12.95 for this container.  When I asked for a small baggie to separate my vegetable pakoras and naan bread from the saucy meal, they provided a small foam container instead.  I could have grabbed 2 servings worth of food in the size of these containers!  WOW!

Now to review the taste.  Mild but definitely flavorful.  I assume it would be since it is a buffet catering to everyone.  The curries were balanced between the amount of veggies / meat and the sauce.   (I can’t stand when a restaurant serves me up a butter chicken, for example, like it was soup.)  The basmati rice was slightly dry and not as fluffy.  The naan was fresh.  (I think garlic naan would have been a nice option.)  I enjoyed the vegetable curry the most because the sauce was more pasty and medium-spicy.  The butter chicken was creamy smooth.  Tender chicken pieces.  (John thought another neighborhood’s butter chicken was more tender though.)  The tandoori chicken was tender too, but the pieces were small and not as meaty as I would have expected.  Good thing it was a buffet so eat as much as you want!

The servers were polite and helpful.  When I needed a bag, they came quickly with one.  When I asked about the rice, they were quick to offer to scoop some into my container so as to not burn myself on the hot rice pot.   The WickedChili.ca owner / cook was attentive to the buffet containers to make sure that it was well stocked and fresh.

Final verdict:  Give it a try.  For $12.95, it’s worth it if you like their buffet selection.  Even as takeout, it’s a good deal.  Good flavors.  Fresh.  I get the sense that they are really trying to make this business work.

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2 responses to “Wicked Chili.ca Review

  1. We tried to use this resturant to cater to our office. They gave us a quote when we called, but then took 2 months and continuous badgering to get an invoice from them. At this point, we were a couple of days before the event. The invoice had over 150 of extra charges not discussed. The food was late arriving, the deliverer did not have all the equiptment, required people to go help him bring food up (but still charged hefty delivery fee), left the plastic on the trays when put into the food heaters, didnt bring sufficient food for the numbers we requested, and STILL has not given us a reciept of proof of payment. ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT recommend using them for catering.

    • Thanks for the comment Amanda. Wow, that was really FUBAR. I hope the party was still a success despite the food.

      We’ve noticed that the owners of Wicked Chili and Green Papaya seem to want to expend their businesses but are unwilling to do what is required to make these moves work. Unfortunately this means that the customer has to suffer through their half-hearted attempts. I only hope for the sakes of the owners they can get their respective acts together and will remain in business.

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