Anne’s Donuts & Bakery Review

We decided to visit Anne’s after being told that the donuts were freshly made and so good that my friend Pierre buys boxes of them a couple times a week to take into work for the staff, yeah this happens in Canada fairly often on Fridays with Tim Horton’s but since this is North Carolina and we kept hearing about how good the treats were we had no choice but to drop in.

When we arrived we were surprised to find the place empty of customers, we’d expected that even though the morning commuter rush was over they would still have customers eager to sample what we’d heard were amazing donuts. We were sad to see that the displays were very nearly picked clean and our selection was limited but I’m guessing that the staff goes hard to meet demand early and then whatever is left is for the rest of the day.

We selected a couple of what we thought were somewhat small treats and proceeded to have at them, we were both a little disappointed in what we had and found the pastry tough and flavorless. After such a buildup from locals we really had high hopes for what we thought would be melt in the mouth, sweet, creamy treats.

Maybe the good stuff disappears in the morning and the dregs are left for the less fortunate who arrive after 9 am but given what we tasted it’s no wonder that Tim Horton’s is starting to catch on south of the 49th.

Anne's Donuts & Bakery on Urbanspoon


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