Cattails Restaurant Review

Perched atop Five County Stadium in Zebulon North Carolina you’ll find Cattails. This upscale restaurant and buffet is claimed to be 5 star and while I certainly wouldn’t give it that kind of rating I was somewhat impressed with the food or at least with the types of food they served as opposed to the overall quality. We were watching a game on the 4th of July and the buffet was being offered when we visited.

The problem was that we were on second seating and as a result of this it seems that the kitchen takes a break or just doesn’t pay as much attention to those dining later. While the selection of food was good and the choices looked very nice some of the dishes that were depleted during the first seating were never replenished while we were dining and thus we never got to try some of the food, in one case at least they had run out of the dish entirely and much of what remained was not hot.

The food we did have was well prepared and the ingredients were of fairly high quality as far as we could tell, as I’ve found with other places in the South there was a distinct lack of veggies on offer and being a meat lover I’m fine with this.

If you happen to be in the area and maybe are checking out a Mudcats game you might want to give this place a try but I’d ask for first seating if you want to really enjoy the food.

Cattails Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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