Italian Pizza & Subs Review

Having visited North Carolina in the past to see friends I’ve had the chance to try the local versions of food I would eat at home and sometimes I’m surprised by what I find, usually this surprise is a bad thing because I discover that what I’m used to is really much better than what is available in small towns and cities outside Canada and I’ve decided that I have to just accept that fact. However sometimes that idea is thrown for a loop and the opposite occurs, a small out of the way place will have amazing food that I’m completely taken of guard by. Such is the case with Italian Pizza & Subs in Wilson, North Carolina, a small eatery in a nondescript strip mall that for all the world looks like nothing too special and one I just happened to decide to try.

I’m used to mediocre Italian food in Calgary, at least as far as the small local places one would order take away or have food delivered from. The lasagna, pizza and sandwiches all taste the same to me and I really don’t have a clear favorite in this category as a result. You can imagine my surprise when I entered this basic looking place and ordered a pizza only to discover a great tasting crust, flavorful sauce and excellent toppings. I was really happy and from the number of people ordering I could see that I was not the only one.

That was a few years ago, now fast forward to 2009, I’m in Wilson with Nancy to visit friends prior to heading down to Florida for a month and we’re driving around looking at the town and just relaxing when we decide that we’re hungry and it’s time for lunch. I see out of the corner of my eye a place I’ve enjoyed in the past and ask Nancy if she wants pizza, she says no but would like to try their pasta.

We ordered spaghetti for her and a cheese steak sandwich for me. After liking the pizza I was hoping the sandwich would be good as well.  I had nothing to worry about, the cheese steak was great with tender delicious meat and lots of cheese in a truly fresh bun that was crisp on the outside and light & fluffy on the inside, the sauce was full of flavor and I loved every bite. Nancy really enjoyed her food as well and while I never sampled it I’m sure the sauce was just as good as the one on the pizza.

You never really can tell just what you’ll find when you try a random place for a bite.

Italian Pizza & Subs on Urbanspoon


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