Rib Hut Review

Tucked away in a strip mall in Wilson, North Carolina is a real gem of a place that I can’t pass up the chance to visit whenever I drop in on my friends who live there.

Having dined at Rib Hut on previous visits to North Carolina and enjoyed it I was more than happy to go again with Nancy when the option was given as a place for all of us to head out for dinner after we’d flown in.

Rib Hut is an odd little place, the restaurant is decorated in what can only be described as a “Hawaiian Tiki playroom” motif with palm trees adorning the walls and colors that Nancy simply labels as “wrong”, with this and the name I’m guessing the “Hut” in Rib Hut is supposed to be on a beach somewhere although I’m not sure how that ties in with Southern BBQ. There is a small kids play area/karaoke stage at one end and several small tables and booths for dining.

Despite the disturbing decor the place is one I will return to again and again, the staff are great and really friendly, taking the opportunity to chat with customers whenever they can but they do tend to be quite slow, even for the laid back Southern style one must expect in this part of the country, they are always watching to see if you need a refill of pop or bread or another order of fried corn on the cob but the meals themselves were painfully slow to arrive and our dinner took hours.

The food is great and I have developed a real thing for Eastern Carolina’s ribs, these are not the sticky sauce covered ribs often associated with BBQ but rather are a smoked rib in a vinegar based sauce that are a real treat for the meat lover. The other items on the menu are just as delicious, some of these are the aforementioned fried corn on the cob (which is really good), chicken, and the ever present pulled pork. The menu isn’t large but you will find something you love and will not leave hungry.

If you are ever passing through Wilson North Carolina and are in the mood for good BBQ you should give some thought to dropping by Rib Hut

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