So, what’s up with the pictures?

If you’ve been on this site recently and read our reviews you’ve noticed that the pictures have not been as good lately as they were on previous posts. Well, the reason is that the last few places reviewed are a bit on the dark side and the new camera we bought for the purpose of taking these pictures does not like dark rooms. We’ll see what fancy features we have that can do something to make the pics better and hopfully they will no longer look as if we took them with a phone.


4 responses to “So, what’s up with the pictures?

  1. Try to maybe set you iso manually so that it doesn’t bump it to high in dark area’s that should bring you noise down as long as you flash.

  2. Are you sure you can’t control the ISO I had a lot of point and shoots in the years (mainly Canon) and I always was able to do something with that.

    • Turns out I had to turn a certain mode off in order to get more control(iA mode…idiot auto?), anyway we’ll be seeing what the extra control gives us soon. Thanks James.

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