You got here how?!?

Okay, I’m going to admit that I stole this idea from a fellow food blogger, but it’s a good one so no regrets.

When you have a website you can check on a large number of stats about your site and those who visit. One thing you can view is what was typed into search engines such as Google that lead someone to your site. Some of the things that bring people to ChowTown make me wonder exactly how this happened, below are the top search phrases for that past week that make me scratch my head.

  • “drive through with line of cars” – Well, I know that any drive through should have a line of cars so as far as finding the one you want… good luck with that.
  • “walmartdotcomaki” – So is this the new online Walmart sushi site?
  • “flapjacks on the open grill” – If your batter is thick enough for this you probably shouldn’t eat these or you’ll be visiting a proctologist for a manual withdrawl.
  • “I like subs am looking for some recipes” – Okay, so you figured out that talking to your computer won’t get a response, but his ain’t much better, now tell the voices to be quiet.
  • “how do they out the meat together” – I don’t know and honestly I don’t actually want you visiting my site…please.
  • “red bowl” – I’m guessing this guy scrolled through 500 pages before finding ChowTown with this, and I don’t even condone the use of red bowls.
  • “spoiled beef recipe” – I really shouldn’t even admit that someone linked to ChowTown with this search.
  • “raw octopus lips tingle” – I don’t actually know what to say here and it frightens me to think what sites they were looking for…eeeewwww.

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