I’m going to try something new


Being from an ethnically diverse country like Canada affords us the opportunity to try authentic and slightly altered versions of  many great regional foods. I’ve decided that since there is so much great food out there that we need to find a way to touch on select recipes from several areas of the world. What I’m going to do is locate popular dishes from countries all over the world and post recipes for them so that we can all try these delicious and sometimes exotic foods for ourselves.

I’m going to start with what is likely for most of us the most exotic place we’ll ever try food from, the continent of Africa. I’m going easy on myself in the beginning and starting with the food of the more known regions. Up first will be Morocco and I’ll get to the foods that are more difficult to locate later. You aren’t going to find roasted warthog colon such as Anthony Bourdain had to eat while visiting a remote village but I will try and find the flavors of the various countries and peoples without going overboard.

If you are interested in any specific type of regional cuisine that you’d like me to look at just let me know.

So, look for some recipes from Morocco to appear in the next little while.


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