The World’ Easiest Cranberry Sauce Recipe

86475Recently while looking for holiday recipe ideas I came upon a post on a blog by a guy named Todd. It seems that he’s a chef and his clean and well written blog called Foodiedaddie appealed to me.

On his main page was the simplest recipe I’ve ever come across, with only two ingredients. Here’s what he wrote:

So fast. So easy. And so perfect for everyone at the table. Diabetics included.
Take one bag of whole fresh cranberries and one large can of frozen White Grape juice. Combine in a saucepan and simmer with a cover for 20 minutes. Remove cover and reduce liquid by half. Done. Refrigerate.
I’ll bet my friends at could dish up deals on fresh cranberries from Ocean Spray and Welch’s White Grape juice concentrate!
Relax. It’s a holiday.

You gotta admit this makes toast seem difficult.


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