Asian Buffet Review

Having planned to head to Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue with some friends this past Saturday it’s odd that we ended up at an AYCE Asian place. As it turned out we needed to go out later in order to accommodate our friends who called that afternoon and said they could not make the earlier time. They were the first to arrive and the place was packed. They called us and said they were told we could not be seated for another hour and a half… not going to happen. I’d just spent the day eating like a bird in order to accommodate the non-stop parade of meat that was going to greet me at Gaucho, so they said they’d find a place, much to our dismay it was this buffet style AYCE, oh well it was their choice.

Located in a strip mall along Macleod Trail this was not a typical dining spot for us. Asian Buffet was also rather busy and we needed to wait over 20 minutes to get a table. This was something I was pleased about due to the fact that high turnover is a good thing at places like this, the food may be hot and fresh. We ordered some drinks and headed to the buffet to check it out. There was the normal assortment of Asian fried foods, a mongoli style grill, some Cali rolls and sushi, soups and a few steamers with Chinese rolls. Over all not too bad at fist look aside from the fact that perhaps 15 percent of the trays were empty. We filled our plates and headed back to the table. It seems that the empty trays are the food that is most palatable and regulars polish them off fast, I found much of what was on my plate was cold and even stale this first round. On subsequent visits to the food I was able to sample those items that went fast and while they were not as bad it seems that in anticipation of the amount of these items eaten the kitchen makes large amounts ahead of time and then puts it out as needed. I can only guess at this but since newly deposited trays contained cold food I’m guessing this is the reason.

There’s not too much more to say about Asian Buffet other than the fact they did not have the beer I ordered and took it upon themselves to open and deliver me something else which the server was noticeably embarrassed by. If you enjoy AYCE Asian food and don’t mind a broad spectrum of quality to pick from you may like this place but we’re not going to be returning any time soon.

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2 responses to “Asian Buffet Review

  1. Discusting ! I did not even have the courage to eat there…

  2. I went here not too long ago, and really wish that I had read the reviews before going – despite the quantity, the quality does not make a visit worth-while.

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