Coconuts Restaurant & Lounge

While waiting to board our snorkeling boat we decided to have a snack before boarding as we were quite early. Right next to the slip our boat used was Coconuts which looked more like a bar than anything else but since all we wanted was a snack before heading out to snorkel the reefs and it was convenient we figured we’d try it.

As things turned out this would be the biggest culinary mistake we made on the whole trip and given what we ate we are glad that we’d not walked from our hotel for dinner. Nancy ordered some crab stuffed Artichoke hearts with dill sauce and I had what has become a staple for me on this trip- the conch fritters. To drink we had a couple glasses of lemonade, just your basic snack.

When the food arrived the stuffed artichokes had nothing but the sauce smothering them and no crab at all, check out the picture and decide if you would have eaten this mayo smothered mess. I fared not much better with my conch fritters which turned out to be small, overcooked, oily blobs of batter with not a single discernable piece of conch meat in site. To add insult to injury the dip served with the fritters was just some crappy tomato sauce. We never saw our lemonades until we asked about them and they were more yellow water than anything else.

On the bright side, when we complained about Nancy’s food the waitress was quick to apologise and immediately returned them to the kitchen. She approached our table a short time later with a new plate of food and this time it at least looked like what we’d expected to see, a couple of artichoke hearts filled to brimming with crabmeat that was covered with a more conservative amount of sauce. Still, there was to be no redemption for this place in that last attempt, the crab was awful and may have been fresh a some point during the 80’s, and the sauce was just a flavorless creamy mass.

This place is a trainwreck with a view and I’d more likely eat my own hand than return to Coconuts, with the economy the way it is I can’t see such a terrible restaurant surviving.

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