A tool we all need to use

As many Calgarians are already aware there have been some surprising reports in the past year about restaurants in our city. The most recent being that the popular chain of breakfast spots Nellie’s has had a major issue with health violations that spans more than a decade.

The owner of this chain was finally taken to court and fined more than $60,000 for the long list of health code violations that include mouse droppings found in food by inspectors.
While most restaurants will at some point have a less than perfect inspection this sort of complete disregard for public health is to say the least highly inappropriate. I hope that the patrons of Nellie’s show their disapproval for these actions.
If you are wondering how you can protect yourself, it’s simple. I’ll offer you what may be the best tool for the job. The Alberta Health Service maintains a database of inspection reports and complaints for all restaurants that is easily accessible via the net.
Simply head to THIS SITE and you can look over any reports that may have been filed for the places you visit or would like to visit.

I strongly suggest you look at all the reports for your favourite locations and continue to use this tool when planning a night out.


4 responses to “A tool we all need to use

  1. On one hand I’m aghast at the mouse droppings/vermin kind of stuff, on the other hand I’m very laissez-faire about going out to eat. I figure cooking kills germs, right? Frankly as long as it tastes good I’ll eat food grilled on the back of a bicycle… but this is someone who’s never had food poisoning. But if I ever find a cockroach in my salad, like some of my friends, all bets are off!

    • Most of us are that way to some degree and in a way it’s healthy, in fact if everything around us was completely clean we’d build up no resistance to harmful organisms and the common cold would kill us. This being said there are enough bacteria and other such things in the world around us and even in the cleanest of restaurants to aid in this.

      Safe food practices etc. are certainly important and any store that ignores them should not be in business.

  2. These are health violations that go back 12 years….12 YEARS!

    Every restaurant has challenges whether its with staff, suppliers or just things you cannot control. However, it seems to me Nellies has had a LOT of time to move things in the right direction.

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