Tom’s House of Pizza review

Being a lifelong Calgarian I’ve driven by the various locations of Tom’s for many years. However like other longtime local establishments I have somehow managed to miss the chance to ever visit for a meal. I finally got to drop in and try the pizza while driving home from a day of show-homing in the south of the city.

Nancy was looking through the SUTP coupon book she’d picked up at teacher’s convention this year, so we were trying to find a place to use one of the discounts. We decided on Tom’s since the deal was good and I figured it was about time to see how good the food was. We drove up MacLeod Trail and stopped at the location just north of Heritage Drive.

This is not a large location but does have a number of tables and a couple of TV’s that allowed us to watch the Oscars while sampling the food. The look of the place is a bit dated and the walk to the rather nasty bathrooms outside in the back hall of this building does nothing to add to ones’ dining experience. It appears that the bar next door is owned by the same people and on a couple of occasions a patron staggered up to the order desk through the connecting door.

We observed that orders are placed at a counter in the back and after deciding what to order I walked up and waited to be addressed by one of the two young fellows working behind it. As it turned out the wait was oddly long considering I was standing three feet from these two. After a bit I loudly said “hello” to one of them and this was enough to have him approach me and ask what I’d like.

We ordered a large “all meat”, a small “Hawaiian”, an order of wings and two drinks, the latter is served by giving us plastic tumblers and filling them ourselves like at a fast food place. So far I was not impressed with what I’d seen and experienced, I was however willing to concede that since they’ve been around so long their system must work.

The pies came out quickly and they brought them to the table. They were of the thin crust variety and while this is not my favorite style of pizza I’m always up for trying the different versions. The crust was not as thin as many and had some substance to it, while not being either chewy or hard. As thin crust goes this was one of the better ones I’d had.

The sauce was not remarkable and there was very little cheese on either of the pies(a real no-no in my book). The toppings on the all-meat were quite plentiful however the types of meat were difficult to identify. The beef was obvious but was just basic burger with no spices, the others however I was unsure of other than being fairly certain that they’d put bologna on it.

I’m a fan of Hawaiian pizza and am willing to take the shots from others about this personality flaw, I cannot say that Tom’s makes a great version though. As with the all-meat there was little cheese and the ham was flavorless, the pineapple was sparse as well and it seemed to have been counted out in a measured amount that was no where near enough.

The chicken wings arrived after we’d finished with the pizza. These were fairly meaty and looked quite good, they were charred a little and seemed to have been grilled(something I like). The sauce was mild-medium hot and not too bad, I’d have prefered a little blu-cheese sauce instead of the ranch dressing they provided but it was okay. While not in the top ten in my opinion these were fairly good wings.

All in all I was not all that impressed with this Tom’s.  The pizza was passable but the strange meats were mildly disturbing and the sparse use of cheese is just wrong. While this was likely the best thin-crust that I as a non-eater of the same had tried in Calgary and the wings were good this is not enough for me to wish to return. I won’t say not to go, nor will I say the many fans are wrong but it was not for me.

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One response to “Tom’s House of Pizza review

  1. Hi, my name is Jeff and I’m a ranting troll who shills for places I like, insults others and can’t stand the fact they have opinions or that their experience may have been bad. Please go to this store because I like it.

    (edited for content)

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