Spoon Me review

I may not be much of a dessert person and for the most part won’t seek out a place that serves nothing but. Tonight however when the subject of having dessert was brought up after our meal at Sura Korean restaurant I was suddenly in the mood.

I’d heard of Spoon Me in Kensington and after no other place was offered I suggested we drop in and see what it was like.

This little shop specialises in frozen yogurt and yogurt smoothies. The menu is small and there are in fact only 4 flavors of frozen yogurt on offer with the green tea variety not available when we visited. The other flavours are Vanilla, Acai, and orange.

My choice was Acai and being that I am very familiar with this berry I wanted to see what this was like. I enjoyed my yogurt and found the flavour was good but unfortunately taste is all you will get from this as the acai looses nearly all nutritional value within a very short time of being picked unless it is specially processed.

They offer a large number of fresh fruit and other toppings for your yogurt and while I chose the less than healthy ones myself I really don’t think they really add too much to the experience and will likely have just the frozen yogurt by itself should I visit again.

Spoon Me was okay and I did like the yogurt. They are on the hip and trendy side and seem to be interested in modern issues of environmental responsibility but there is nothing new here that would make me go out of my way to return. This is a place that has a good product and an interesting idea for their brand and if I am in the area on a hot day I’m sure I’d visit again.

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