Crab Boil 2010

This past week-end we held our second annual crab-boil(I thinks perhaps we’ll use Seafood-boil going forward). We managed to double our attendance over last year and have a list forming for next year’s event already. It was a great success and we are very happy that everyone enjoyed themselves so much.

The only glitch other than having to change venue was a result of needing to ship in 30 lbs of crawfish from Louisiana and dealing with our overly enthusiastic customs personnel. It seems that crawfish may just represent a real and present danger to our national security. I assume this since despite the order being in Calgary within an amazingly short period of leaving the bayou it was a grand total of 50+ hours until they arrived at my door(unopened). I’m just glad that the supplier talked me out of ordering all live crawfish(for reasons unrelated to our pathetic government employees). Instead they suggested I opt for the pre-cooked version and then add a bag of 15 or so live bugs to use in our crawfish race. While the sack of dead racers was upsetting, it would have been a complete disaster to have had 30 pounds of dead crawdads arrive at my door and therefore be forced to scramble and buy something to replace them.

Now, putting aside the sorry state of our tax dollars at work,  it was a great evening and everyone seemed to have a terrific time eating, talking, eating some more and making new friends while eating. I of course was endeavouring to make the event run smoothly by cooking the food and offering my expert advice on the proper means by which one should extricate the juicy bits from both crab and crawfish alike. This was aided greatly by our vast array of  task appropriate weaponry designed for just this very purpose. These tools allowed those in attendance to select which method best suited them when attempting to consume as much food as they physically could without doing irreversible harm to themselves. Some used the crackers, some the mallet and crab-knife or the shell openers while still others had their own tried and true hands-on techniques(certain of which I will now add to my personal repertoire and claim as my own). I was happy to see that certain veterans of last years event actually brought their own seafood shears in order to increase efficiency and thus also up the total amount of food they could pack away before others could get to it. I’m proud to call such people my friends. These creative souls and self starters will make great foodies in short order.

As with last year, we once again were able to serve the wonderful hand crafted andouille sausage that everyone appeared to enjoy a great deal. I did have it toned down a little to make it a bit less dangerous for those unaccustomed to such spicy treats. My thanks go out to Rocky from Rocky’s Sausage Haus for the special order and making it just right. If you are looking for any of the numerous varieties of wonderful meats in tube form that can be had I urge you to give Rocky a call and he’ll hook you up. If you visit his shop I strongly caution you to eat a large meal ahead of time to avoid the inevitable large purchases that will result after seeing and smelling the offerings while hungry(I’m in full drool just thinking about it).

Now, for those of you who were in attendance Saturday I feel it necessary to again reiterate my firm stance that I will in fact never give out my recipe for Rum Cake. The offers of bribes, sexual favors and the various and at times fascinatingly descriptive threats of violence to my person as well as the many other numerous forms of attempted coercion will not be successful. I am however taking orders for Christmas and will continue to leave the offer on the table for other events if you are nice enough to me for the remainder of the year. 🙂

On a somewhat similar note(minus the adult undertones) I am going to post my newly created recipe for the crawfish dipping sauce that was on the table and has been requested by several… as soon as I remember how I made it.

I want to again thank all those who chose to share such a lovely Saturday evening with us. We hope you all had a fun and satisfying time, we look forward to sharing the good times with you again next year and for many more to come.

Now that we’ve got a couple of these under the belt we feel we are able to dial-in things much better for the next event. We will change the name to “Seafood Boil” to eliminate any further confusion and having a better grasp of quantities we are more able to provide the amount of each item that our guests prefer. So, what I’m basically saying is that things will only get better therefore you need to start thinking about coming next year and decide quickly.


2 responses to “Crab Boil 2010

  1. Wow that sounds like a heck of a party! I’ve never attended a full old fashioned crab boil/clam bake/lobster fest, but hope to experience that on the coast in season one day.

    And yes our tax dollars at work… sigh. Perhaps people wouldn’t be so upset and cynical if the bureaucracy wasn’t aimed against its own citizens quite so often.

    • It truly was a good time and we intend to continue holding it. I just returned from a trip to the Deep South and while the BP spill has affected things there is still some great food to be had. I’d love to do a Chesapeake Bay blue-crab some day during a trip there or visit the Maritimes like you wish to do.

      The people from customs basically sent me an e-mail “shoulder shrug” in response to my complaint. How sad.

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