Home again

As many of you already know I spent the last while in the deep south of the US. Well, nearly 4000 miles and 11 states later I’m back in Calgary.

I’d planned on visiting many restaurants during my trip, several of which were suggestions from fellow bloggers and foodies. While I did have meals in many of these and other places I didn’t take detailed notes and pictures as I had planned. It seems riding in 100+ and 98% humidity takes more out of me now than it used to and just wanting to eat and then rest was my MO this trip. As a result of this I’m not going to be posting individual reviews for the stores I visited during my ride. Instead I’m placing my short reviews on Urbanspoon.

I’ve consumed vast quantities of BBQ, seafood and other southern foods and have a better grasp of the regional differences between the areas where they are popular. I’ll use this in the future to make my reviews of local places as useful and informative as I can.

So, back to the routine. Will be visiting The Casbah with the UrbanSpoon group next week and am deciding on a possible “looking for the best xxxx in Calgary” series while Nancy is in South America.


One response to “Home again

  1. IĀ“ll be trying cuy (roasted guinea pig) in the next days! Some of the locals who I have met here do not like this meal.

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