One man’s pet is another man’s protein

Many of you know that Nancy is currently in Peru and enjoying all of the many things that a different culture presents to a traveller.

One of those things is regional cuisine, and both of us have had our fair share of unique and often interesting local specialties.

Well tonight Nancy had the chance to sample the treat know as Cuy. Now to you and me this dish would be better known as Guinea Pig. That’s right folks the plump little rodents that in North America are sold not by the pound but as pets.

According to Nancy’s broadly experienced and refined palette cuy tastes like frog legs, however since many of you may not have sampled those either you’ll just have to get more adventurous in order to know what she’s talking about.

Wonder what wine I’d pair with our friend GP…




One response to “One man’s pet is another man’s protein

  1. To clarify, cuy like frog legs is smooth, tender meat surrounding many tiny thin bones. Not strong in flavor. Very little meat or fat (or perhaps because I had only a little guy / cuy.) I enjoyed it and will try again. I hear you can select a little cuy / guy from the pen and have it freshly prepared for you in the back. Hmmm. It’s almost like picking your lobster from the tank for dinner. I also have seen pictures of roasted cuy on a huge skewer which looks like rats stretched out on a stick. Interesting. Not sure I would be able to it like a kebab.

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